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Information For Hong Kong Nurses About Working In England

A new resource pack is available for nursing professionals in Hong Kong who wish to take up employment in the National Health Service (NHS) in England. It provides useful information about the NHS, the CapitalNurse Consortium, and top tips for living in London. There is a section that provides awareness on the British culture, including […]

Happy International Nurses’ Day 2022

The CapitalNurse team are happy to celebrate the amazing contribution that overseas nurses make to patients’ lives in London and beyond! Nurses’ Day is an opportunity to recognise and say thank you to all nurses who ensure delivery of quality care to our communities in hospitals, health centres and patients’ homes. Learn more about a […]

Interviewing in Trinidad for London Nurses

The CapitalNurse international recruitment team has successfully completed our first in-country campaign in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the space of 4 days we undertook both face to face and virtual interviews and ensured that our small team were there to provide oversight around working in London and answer any key questions and support the candidates […]

Supporting English Language Foundations Pathway (SELF) for Overseas Mental Health Nurses

What is the SELF Pathway? The Supporting English Language Foundation pathway, known as (SELF) has been set up by CapitalNurse to support overseas mental health nurses to obtain the English language level requirement to register as a Nurse in England. We are offering a combined support offer that secures you a mental health nursing job […]

Working In London as a Mental Health Nurse

The CapitalNurse International Recruitment video team are delighted to launch a new video outlining the role of Mental Health Nursing in London. A Day in the Life of an Internationally Recruited Mental Health Nurse in London features Christy Iruthayaraj and colleagues from Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. It explores the journey of […]

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