Case Study: Occupational Therapist

Q1. How was the process of your arrival to the UK?

I was very lucky to be supported by my NHS Trust throughout the process. I was well prepared before I arrived in the UK through virtual meetings and this was amplified when I arrived and had an opportunity to meet the international recruitment team in person. The induction period was very helpful in familiarising myself with NHS processes and also provided an opportunity to meet other new starters within the Trust.

Q2. Upon arrival to the UK, what differences did you notice from your home country and what stood out?

The UK is very different to my home country. I immediately noticed the transport system which works well and makes it easy to move around the UK. There seems to always a buzz in London with many events happening and lots to see in terms of museums, exhibitions and trendy restaurants. I have also appreciated the green spaces in London with lots of parks and gardens throughout the city. I am looking forward to travelling and seeing other areas within the UK.

Q3. How was your first week in your job and how do you feel now?

My first week on the job was very exciting but also overwhelming. The NHS processes and terminology are very different and it was initially quite confusing initially. I was well supported by my employer and encouraged to be patient with myself and take time to adjust. Now, 5 months in, I am feeling a lot more settled and feel confident about my understanding of the NHS system and am enjoying my role. There are still aspects that I need to master but there are also many knowledgeable people within my Trust and I’ve realised you don’t have to have all the answers.

Q4. What is your one top tip to others?

Preparing to come to the UK and the process of arriving are exciting but can be overwhelming. My advice is to take it step by step and remember why you are making the move as this helps when things are difficult.

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