Case Study: Riya Patel


Q1. How was the process of your arrival to the UK?

It was a really good experience. I have never thought that it’s going to be this much easy. I didn’t feel that I am alone in new environment. Mabel, Anna and Ramzia were very supportive. International recruitment team made my journey more comfortable on arrival from visa, documentation, accommodation and induction. Everything was done by team in such efficient way before coming to UK. Team was very supportive and considered my needs as their priority. It was appreciable. 

Q2. Upon arrival to the UK, what differences did you notice from your home country and what stood out?

It was roller coaster ride for me. Coming for home country to new place is very nostalgic. Everyone was busy and doing their own work. Still, they were supportive if you stuck anywhere. It was new experience. There was huge difference between weather, culture, communication skill, protocols and polices. 

Q3. How was your first week in your job and how do you feel now?

It was very smooth. Mabel and Ramzia provided all informative information regarding NHS. Mabel has creative mind as she made our 1st week induction very joyful. I played different games, participated in different activities. I didn’t even feel that its boring and I engaged in each session with same level of energy and enthusiasm. Mabel introduced me with NHS policies, protocols, working system, mental health and wellbeing, documentation, working pattern, new terminologies and many more. On 2nd week, I met my team, and my team was very supportive as well. It was warm welcome from them. I am grateful to whole HRCH team. 

Now, I feel that I have clear image of NHS and their working pattern. I will be able to learn and contribute to my team in efficient way. Moreover, I will get support if I need, and I am really excited to continue my journey with them. 

Q4. What is your one top tip to others?

I am thankful to international recruitment team. They are very supportive. If you get team like this, it will be very easier for anyone to start new journey in abroad.  

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