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"I'm interested in becoming a Community Nurse in London but not sure I have the right experience."
Answer the following questions to find out if you have the right skills to pursue a career in becoming a Community Nurse.
I have experience / interest in doing home visits to patients.
I have experience in managing patients with long-term medical conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, neurological disease etc)
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I feel comfortable in working alone in different environments and making clinical decisions independently.
I can adapt to the physical demands of the job (travelling from one patient's home to another, climbing flights of stairs, bending / sitting for long periods of time when performing a procedure etc).
I am competent in performing physical examination, including taking and recording vital signs.
I am competent in obtaining pathology samples (blood, urine, stool etc)
I am competent in administering medications via different routes (oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous, topical etc)
I am competent in the assessment and management of pressure sores and leg ulcers.
I am competent in providing nutritional assessment and management to patients (e.g. PEG feeding and PEG site care)
I am competent in providing bladder and bowel care, including urethral and suprapubic catheterisation for male and female patients.
I am competent in recognising and responding to medical emergencies (sepsis, anaphylaxis reaction, hypoglycaemia etc)
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