Case Study: Bryan Bernal

My name is Bryan Bernal, I am an International Educated Nurse (IEN) working at West London NHS trust. In 2019, I started my UKRN journey in our trust and I saw and experienced first hand how they supported the IEN’s in so many ways. With the the assistance of our manager and mentors, Donna, Monika and Tia, they made sure that we are comfortable and able to adjust in the busy life of the city of London. They kept track not only on our training needs, but also our physical and mental wellbeing.

The trust provided us with intensive trainings and workshops to sharpen our knowledge, skills, and attitude in order for us to pass the OSCE and obtain our dream to have a NMC Pin. I am proud to say that after a span of 2 weeks of intensive and motivational training my cohort of seven are confident enough to go the extra mile and bring home the bacon. We took the Adult OSCE and all seven of us passed the exam.

After obtaining our pin, the trust continued to support our journey as a UKRN by providing us a tailored 12 weeks integration program which focuses on the Mental Health Law and practices in the United Kingdom. Though we are experienced nurses, they know that there are a lot of things we need to learn, including the Mental Health Law, Mental Capacity Act and DoLS, Safe guarding and Information Governance to name a few. In addition, we need to unlearn some old practices like the restrictive practice and use the UK standard of less restrictive practice.

The 12 weeks integration program help us to adjust and adopt in the UK Mental Health standards and NMC standards, through weeks of supernumerary status in the Crisis Intervention Team and to our post in Acute Admission ward. In addition, we have weekly face to face sessions to discuss and complete our work book (integration program), mindfulness sessions and reflective practice. The 12 weeks integration program developed our skills to work efficient, effectively and compassionate in our post as a Registered Nurse in the Acute Admission Ward (local services).

The trust support doesn’t end there, up to present the team responsible for the IEN’s continuously track our wellbeing and assist us by offering 1:1 or group sessions discussing the different career pathways available within the trust.

Initially, I worked in the local services in Acute Admission Ward which developed my understanding in the Mental Health Law and practices in the UK. Currently, I am working as a permanent staff in the Forensic Services, Low Secure, Acute Admission Ward and part time trainer and assisting the OSCE preparation training for the new IENs. In addition, I am attending some shadowing shifts in the Community Mental Health Services like the CIDS and the Psychiatric Liaison Team in order for me to gain more experience before deciding my future career progression.

Personally I am grateful and thankful that I chose the right trust which is West London NHS Trust. Once again, my name is Bryan Bernal and proud to say, I am part of West London NHS Trust!

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