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CapitalNurse was originally created by a group of 10 NHS Trusts within greater London. We want to ensure that our communities have access to outstanding care, and we want to make London the number one destination for nurses across the world. CapitalNurse International soon developed CapitalMidwife International, CapitalAHP International. We now take a holistic approach as Capital Careers across London. 

Who we are

All our trusts agree to the same principles related to your benefits package regardless of which you trust you are employed by.. We’ll find the Trust for you to settle into and grow your skills, and the CapitalCareers team will make sure that you feel comfortable, supported, and at home here in London.

We are a strong advocate of ethical recruitment practices, and we ensure that all of our candidates are treated with fairness, respect and transparency throughout the application process.

Why join us?

CapitalNurse, Capital Midwives and Capital AHP’s teams share the same three goals: to create a sustainable workforce for London, attain a consistently high standard of care, and promote the importance of nursing. To do this, we need a world-class team of compassionate, motivated nurses, midwives and AHP’s working throughout the city.

Once you have been successful in your application to become a CapitalNurse, CapitalMidwife or CapitaAHP, our expert team will give you details about the Trust and local area that you’ll be working in. You’ll receive a welcome pack, accommodation assistance and arrival information, and we’ll make sure that you are supported throughout your entire career with us.

We’d love to help kick-start your career in nursing, midwifery or AHP in one of the most exciting cities in the world!


Central London

CapitalNurse, CapitalMidwife and CapitalAHP Consortium

The CapitalNurse Consortium was launched in October 2020 and was developed with the ethos of having a pan London overseas recruitment offer and processes under the banner of becoming a CapitalNurse. On July 2021 we established CapitalMidwife consortium and July 2022 Capital AHP consortium to support our Midwifery and AHP colleagues Any London Trust can become a member at any time. If you would like to find out more please email us

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