To be a Midwife is to have the privilege of working with women to promote and support their wellbeing and that of their babies. Midwives are the lead health professional for women during all stages of pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period and provide information, advocacy, support and encouragement.

Midwives must at all times keep to the principles contained within the NMC Code.

Cutting Umbilical Cord


As experts in normal pregnancy and childbirth Midwives are the lead professionals responsible for a woman’s maternity care. Drawing on their judgment and experience Midwives work with women to identify their needs and priorities and to plan appropriate care. By providing high quality evidence-based information they support women to make their own choices and decisions.

Midwives are also highly respected members of the multi-disciplinary team working alongside a range of Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff both inside the hospital and in the wider community. Effective communication across the team as well as the opportunity to develop skills and access to the latest research are supported by regular multidisciplinary training. This forms part of a commitment to supporting Midwives to access educational and professional development throughout their career. This promotes the safety and quality of clinical work as well as opening opportunities in areas such as leadership, research or post-graduate study.

Cesarean Section

Working Life

Midwives may provide care during labour within hospitals, Birth Centres or within women’s homes. There is also the opportunity to work in the antenatal and postnatal wards in the hospital providing immediate postnatal care and supporting inductions of labour, planned caesarean sections and care in complex cases. Other Midwives are based in the community in order to undertake routine antenatal and postnatal care of the mother and baby. Midwives can also apply for specialist roles in areas such as mental health and bereavement as well as managerial and leadership roles.

The opportunity to rotate is offered regularly in order to maintain skills and confidence. Midwives may also work in small Continuity teams case-loading women from the start of the pregnancy until postnatal discharge including at birth. In all areas Midwives promote normality whilst also recognising when they need to refer to a specialist professional or organisation. They can also make a difference to the life-long health of the mother and baby via public health initiatives such as smoking cessation and supporting breastfeeding.

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