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What are AHPs?

With 14 unique roles, these Allied Health Professions cover a range of care from emergency response to therapy, providing a holistic and crucial role in treating, rehabilitating and improving patient lives. The impact of AHPs goes below emotional reward, you will be providing a specialist role with competitive salaries and benefits.

Where will you be working?

Allied Health Care Professionals increasingly work in a wide variety of settings and emerging areas of practice within acute and community hospitals, social services, private clinics, community services, schools, prisons, charity and voluntary organisations, care homes, specialist services.  This offers them the chance to practice in health and social care, private and public settings, often with generic and multidisciplinary roles and working with other professionals to help children and adults with disability, trauma, illness, ageing and a range of acute and long term conditions.

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AHP Roles

Art Therapist Art Therapists
Dietitan Dietitans
Drama Therapist Drama Therapists
Music Therapist Music Therapists
OTs Occupational Therapists
ODP Operating Department Practioners
Orthoptist Orthoptists
Osteopath Osteopaths
Paramedics Paramedics
Physio Physiotherapists
Podiatrist2 Podiatrists
Prostethics Prosthetics & Orthotists
Speech Therapist Speech and Language Therapists
Radio Radiographers

Benefits for an AHP


World-class Training

As an AHP, there is more than just emotional reward of bring a patients back to full health. With ongoing training, you’ll be able to quickly progress, moving to more senior positions with a higher pay grade. You’ll also enjoy a competitive salary, one of the most generous pension schemes in the UK, and discounts at shops, restaurants and more.

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Play a crucial role

Each of the 14 professions holds a crucial role in the patients care, a role that works alongside a diverse range of healthcare professionals. All have one thing in common: they play a vital part in treating, rehabilitating and improving the lives of patients


A rewarding experience

The role you play in a patients care goes far beyond a job. While you work alongside patients closely, you will gain the emotional reward as the start to exceed alongside your care. You play a massive role in the immediate and ongoing support of the patient, family and community on one’s recovery to full health.


Be an expert

As an allied health professional you’ll be able to help patients in ways that few other healthcare professionals can. You’ll work alongside a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses, in a range of settings including hospitals and patient’s homes, as you help patients overcome obstacles, both mentally and physically.

Begin your CapitalAHP story, discover ‘your London’

You’re never far away from renowned sightseeing hotspots, world-class cuisine, and fantastic nightlife in London. Explore one of the many parks, live music venues and independent retailers, and immerse yourself in the local culture of the 32 surrounding boroughs.

Trusts and Providers


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