Case Study: Moses Simbarashe Gambiza

Occupational Therapist

Q1. How was the process of your arrival to the UK?

As it was my first time to come to the UK I had mixed feelings of fear and excitement as I did not know what to expect. Fortunately, I did not have any difficulties or delays in my journey. I had all my documents ready for the boarder staff to scrutinise before letting me in. My taxi driver was already waiting for me when I arrived and he took me straight to my accommodation. Thanks to the International recruitment team who had pre arranged the accommodation and welcome pack.

Q2. Upon arrival to the UK, what differences did you notice from your home country and what stood out?

What stood out the most was the great number of people at the airport. Coming from a country with a small population this was outstanding. I was impressed however, by the efficiency of the services despite the huge population. The diversity also stood out and made me feel comfortable and not alone. Staff at the airport were also friendly. One other thing that stood out was the use of card payments on lots of services including public transport.

Q3. How was your first week in your job and how do you feel now?

I really appreciate the team I joined for the support and wonderful attitude they showed. This made my first week very smooth. As much as I was new to the NHS and the team, I felt welcomed and supported. Up to this day I get the support that I need and feel more confident to execute my duties.

Q4. What is your one top tip to others?

By reading and researching about the NHS, and my role in the new job I was better prepared to fit into the system. My tip is that when you do not know what to do, reach out and do not be afraid to ask. I can also add that it is helpful to connect with other people who have come before you.

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