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CapitalNurse’s vision is to ‘get nursing right for London‘; ensuring that London has the right number of nurses, with the right skills in place, working to deliver excellent nursing wherever it is needed.

We are proud to be an ethical recruiter, and offer fairness, respect and transparency to all of our candidates throughout their journey with us. We follow the Department of Health and Social Care UK Code of Practice (CoP) for international recruitment.

Why do nurses love working in the capital?

City Life Icon

City Life

You’re never far away from renowned sightseeing hotspots, world-class cuisine, and fantastic nightlife in London. Explore one of the many parks, live music venues and independent retailers, and immerse yourself in the local culture of the 32 surrounding boroughs.

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Cultural Diversity

More than 200 languages are spoken in London – it’s an incredible melting pot of many different cultures, ethnicities and traditions. Soak up the multicultural atmosphere through the many art galleries, productions, food markets and much more.

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Professional Opportunities

If you choose to be a nurse in the capital, you’re choosing a career with huge potential. London is home to some of the biggest Trusts in the country, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to progress in whichever way you’d like your career to go.

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Pay & Benefits

You’ll be offered flexible working, access to the excellent NHS pension scheme, maternity and paternity leave, and up to 41 days of annual leave and public holidays. You’ll also qualify for additional pay for working unsocial hours and for working in London.

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Social Life

There are so many ways to make friends for life in London. From book groups to gyms, dancing the night away, to late dinners and weekend brunches – you won’t be stuck for people to meet and new things to try.



London is one of the world’s most popular cities for a reason – there is so much fun to be had! Each borough offers something completely different to the next. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing area with good coffee and a yoga class, or a hub of non-stop excitement, London has it covered.

All London nurses are CapitalNurses.

Each CapitalNurse has their own story and reasons for loving working in our capital…

My journey has been an inspirational one. I am a first generation immigrant from Jamaica who chose to live and work in London and I am honoured to have joined the senior nursing and midwifery team at Health Education England at a time when it is aiming to encourage more candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for senior roles. I have joined at a crucial time and will play a leading role in the important work right now to grow the nursing workforce. London is the best city in the world and nursing in London is an amazing experience that offers professional development opportunities that are second to none. London continues to attract nurses from all over the world and our doors are open to welcome you all to join us and become a Capital Nurse.
Nichole Regional Head Nursing London
Nichole McIntosh
Regional Head of Nursing
I feel blessed to have finally found a workplace that I love. I am still growing and learning and improving new nursing skills every day thanks to our mentors in the ClinicaI Skills Department and to all senior staff in Recovery Ward… I am thankful that I have made so many new friends along the way and some have become my 2nd family.
Air Caballes
Air Caballes
Recovery Nurse
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
I was self-motivated and determined and Whittington Health has given me the opportunity to do a public health course full-time for a year. I’m a Band 7 nurse now and work in a close team of people who look after 57 Islington schools.
Whittington – Circular – 1
Becky Muhima
Specialist Community Public Health Nurse
Whittington Health NHS Trust
At Whittington Health there are many opportunities to develop my career and in a few years, I would like to pursue teaching. I’d like to stay on here as the Trust is integrated into the community. I am blessed that I have seniors and mentors who are very supportive and reachable
Whittington – Circular – 1
Joyette Wenceslao
Newly Registered Band 5 Overseas Nurse
Whittington Health NHS Trust
CLCH allowed us more than enough time to prepare and practice. They provided us with printed resources, equipment and supplies and offered lectures / demonstrations. The return demonstrations, as nerve wracking as they were, were critically and patiently assessed by competent nurses who gave us honest and constructive feedback which ultimately gave us the confidence and necessary skill to take on the OSCE’s
Central Sml
Ellie Aguilar
Community Matron
Central London Community Healthcare
London is one of the most diverse cities in the world with teaching hospitals specialising all every area of women’s healthcare. Whatever your midwifery passion is, it is one of the most exciting and forward thinking places in the world to be a midwife.
Kate Brintworth
Kate Brintworth
Regional Chief Midwife for London
NHS England and Improvement

Begin your CapitalNurse story, discover ‘your London’ and locate your ideal Consortium Trust using our interactive map

You’re never far away from renowned sightseeing hotspots, world-class cuisine, and fantastic nightlife in London. Explore one of the many parks, live music venues and independent retailers, and immerse yourself in the local culture of the 32 surrounding boroughs.

Ready to apply?

Have you made the right decision and are ready to start your journey as a CapitalNurse in London? The way you apply to become a CapitalNurse depends upon your individual circumstances – find your route using the options below.

Are you a registered nurse and based outside the UK but looking to relocate?

Becoming a CapitalNurse in London means you’ll be looked after from the moment you arrive. Our consortium Trusts ensure you have everything you need to get your career in the UK off to a flying start.

We have a number of different agencies who support our London Trusts.

Are you a registered nurse and based in the UK?

Are you a registered nurse already working in the UK and have one of our consortium Trusts in mind? Browse our Trust pages to find out more.

Are you an overseas qualified nurse and want to start your journey to becoming a UK based registered nurse with the NMC?

You can apply to be on the NMC provided you meet the requirements of being a recognised registered nurse in your home country. Here you will find helpful information about the opportunities open to you to become easily registered either as an adult, paediatric, mental health, and learning disabilities nurse.

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