One NHS, Many Nationalities

One NHS, Many Nationalities

Taking the next step in your nursing career and working for one of the NHS Trusts in London can be both exciting and challenging. You are not alone; there are thousands of internationally trained nurses that have made their dream a reality and provide high quality care in our hospitals. You will be joining a workforce of over 82,874 overseas nurses drawn from 174 nationalities already practising in the United Kingdom. As your career progresses, you will meet and work with other international nurses who are on the same journey as you

International recruits continue to be an important part of our workforce providing excellent care to our patients. Diaspora groups are groups that represent different nationalities of nurses in the UK.

These groups have been established by and for international nurses who live and work in the in the UK. The following link Diaspora groups in the UK gives you more information about each of the diaspora groups as well as links to each group. Each group can provide social support and a range of activities enabling you to connect with people from your country and become part of an established community here in the United Kingdom. On each individual website you can find information about life in the UK, what to expect when you are arrive and contacts to answer any questions you may have. Joining these groups can give you:

  • An opportunity to meet old friends and former colleagues already living and working here.
  • Offer opportunities to meet new friends and established new lifelong friendships
  • Provide information about buying those authentic cooking ingredients from home and good shopping opportunities along with areas to eat out for those special occasions.
  • Provide information on local churches and congregations you may want to join.

In addition to the above support, they can provide professional information to support you as your career develops.

Helpful resources:

Further information about the Diaspora groups can be found in our:

As an essential resource, the handbook provides a wealth of information on various aspects of living and working in the United Kingdom. No matter where you are in your career, or where you are in the United Kingdom. You are not alone

Jason Brown

CapitalNurse Consortium Operational Manager

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