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Happy International Nurses’ Day 2022

The CapitalNurse team are happy to celebrate the amazing contribution that overseas nurses make to patients’ lives in London and beyond!

Nurses’ Day is an opportunity to recognise and say thank you to all nurses who ensure delivery of quality care to our communities in hospitals, health centres and patients’ homes.

Learn more about a day in the life of a Community Nurse by sharing in Emjee’s story.

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Supporting English Language Foundations Pathway (SELF) for Overseas Mental Health Nurses

What is the SELF Pathway?

The Supporting English Language Foundation pathway, known as (SELF) has been set up by CapitalNurse to support overseas mental health nurses to obtain the English language level requirement to register as a Nurse in England. We are offering a combined support offer that secures you a mental health nursing job in London and free English language training.

What are the benefits?

You will be able to study at home from one of our specialist education partners to help you pass your OET exam with the assurance that you’ve already secured a conditional job offer with one of our mental health trusts in London.

What is expected of me?

If you are successful in securing a place on the programme the educational partner will meet with you to determine the length of training, you’ll need to complete before sitting the OET exam. You will need to complete this and your NMC Mental Health CBT within 6 months of the conditional offer made.

How do I apply?

You can apply through one of our three agencies: Xander Hendrix Healthcare; MMA Healthcare Recruitment; NEU Professionals Ltd.

CN Trinidad Interviewing Apr 2022

Interviewing in Trinidad for London Nurses

The CapitalNurse international recruitment team has successfully completed our first in-country campaign in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the space of 4 days we undertook both face to face and virtual interviews and ensured that our small team were there to provide oversight around working in London and answer any key questions and support the candidates prior and during interview.

We made over 65 offers of employment for both Adult and Mental Health nurses to join us in London. The campaign is part of a number of in country pilots we are running for nursing and midwifery recruitment throughout 2022, with a view of gaining a proof of concept to adopt a hybrid of approach of sustainable recruitment going forward. A full evaluation of delivery and impact will be measured across each campaign from the point of nurse’s appointment to their arrival.

Our next campaign sees us in the Philippines for Community Nurses in May.


Working In London as a Mental Health Nurse

The CapitalNurse International Recruitment video team have been in action recording material for a video outlining the role of Mental Health Nursing in London.

A Day in the Life of an Internationally Recruited Mental Health Nurse in London will explore the journey of how an overseas trained nurse was able to specialise in mental health nursing and aims to inspire other overseas nurses to make the same move.

Mental health nurses provide care and support to patients suffering from a range of mental health problems within a hospital and/or in the community, building relationships with patients and their family and carer support network.

The video has just finished ‘shooting’ and will available to view on this website in late Spring.

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Information For Hong Kong Nurses About Working In England

A new resource pack is available for nursing professionals in Hong Kong who wish to take up employment in the National Health Service (NHS) in England.

It provides useful information about the NHS, the CapitalNurse Consortium, and top tips for living in London. There is a section that provides awareness on the British culture, including weather and idiomatic expressions and there’s also a separate section for information on finances, such as the NHS and salary deductions.

If you are a registered nurse, a registered midwife, or a non NHS worker you are eligible to apply for an appropriate visa that allows you to work in the UK.

The aim of this pack is to support you and your understanding of various routes or pathways to secure employment with an NHS Trust in England and to provide access to various resources that will help you make an informed choice of NHS providers.

The Hong Kong Nursing Association UK (HKNAUK) is the official organization which is established by a group of Hong Kong nurses who are living and working in the UK.

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Internationally Educated Nurse Listening Events

Are you an Internationally Educated Nurse? – We need your help!

We are working on a project to support the promotion of IEN/IRN band 5 nurses to band 6 roles.  We’d love your involvement in this work.  We want to hear your stories and experiences regarding your career journey and future career plans. What can Trusts do to support your career journey?

We’d love to hear your insights, you can share your thoughts in two ways: 

  1. Attend a listening event.  Please register your interest in the listening event here.
  • Wednesday 16 March (12-1pm)
  • Friday 25 March (1pm-2pm)
  • Wednesday 30 March (3pm-4pm)


  1. Share your thoughts through a quick survey- here.


Any questions please contact Nicola Dagnall (

Consortium Handbook 2022 Cover365

Consortium Handbook for Overseas Nurses Welcome Pack

This information pack is designed to prepare and assist international nurse recruits in their transition into working and living in London.

It provides useful information about the NHS, the CapitalNurse Consortium, and top tips for living in London. There is a section that provides awareness on the British culture, including weather and idiomatic expressions and there’s also a separate section for information on finances, such as the NHS and salary deductions.

The Handbook also includes useful information and tips gathered by previous nurses recruited from overseas and there are hyperlinks throughout the handbook which will take you to other useful webpages too.


NHS Workers COVID Vaccination Status

If you are considering applying for a role within the NHS, please be aware it is expected for staff who have contact with patients and other service users in England to be fully vaccinated (received both doses of an MH RA approved vaccine) against COVID-19.

A full list of UK approved Covid vaccinations can be found here.

If you have any queries regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact your Recruitment Advisor.

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New Facebook Group for International Nurses

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a brand new CapitalNurse International Recruitment Facebook Group!

Created to provide an area for you, our future CapitalNurse candidates and current CapitalNurses, to connect with existing Capital Nurses and other candidates, the Facebook group is a place where you can find information on the help and support you can get to integrate into the local community and explore opportunities around events and activities.

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A First Class Video!

The CapitalNurse International Recruitment team are proud to announce the release of a new video promoting the role of Community Nursing in London and aims to inspire other overseas nurses to make the same journey.
A Day in the Life of an Internationally Recruited Community Nurse in London explores the journey and role of Emjee Nool, an overseas trained Community Nurse in London. The video recounts the journey she has taken moving from the Philippines to London and becoming an experienced member of staff. It shows some of the main duties of her job and how she has successfully developed her career, whilst also providing a flavour of what it’s like to live and work in England’s capital city.

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West London NHS Trust Win Best International Recruitment Experience Award

Congratulations to West London NHS Trust who have won the Nursing Times Award 2021 for their mental health overseas nursing integration programme, a 12 week pastoral programme to support internationally recruited mental health nurses integrate into their role as a NMC registered nurse. Roll out of the programme has been supported by CapitalNurse to all of its mental health trusts, so any overseas mental health nurses recruited through the Consortium will also be offered this programme.

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Mental Health Nursing OSCE Preparation Programme

This is a preparation programme for Mental Health nurses trained overseas who seek to register with the NMC as Mental Health nurses in the UK.

The 10 day programme is split between one week delivered remotely that covers essential theory and underpinning knowledge.

Plus a one week face to face practical in a central London location which covers:

  • Overview of testing process at OSCE centres
  • Essential theory and skills to including 5 days of practice
  • Mock assessments and feedback

The programme runs during the first 2 weeks of each month at a central London location and costs £750.

Email Jane Canavan for more details.

LNW October 2021 Intake

Welcome to New Overseas Nurses for LNWH

Congratulations to the latest intake of internationally recruited nurses on their first day with London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust.

The nurses, joining via the CapitalNurse International Recruitment Consortium, were pictured as they begin their NHS careers on the first day of their onboarding program.

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Minister Praises Nurse Refugee Project

The Minister of State for Health, the Rt Hon Edward Argar, congratulated graduates at an event to celebrate a NHS Refugee Nurse Support initiative.

The project helps refugees who are qualified as nurses in their home country to resume their nursing careers in the NHS in England. It’s being delivered by NHS England & NHS Improvement in partnership with DHSC, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), RefuAid & Talent Beyond Boundaries, and supported by CapitalNurse.

At an event hosted by LJMU Mr Argar said via video link that he had heard a little about the graduates’ stories and was humbled by their resilience and determination: “I’m delighted to welcome you to the UK and to the National Health Service.”

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