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CAHP Event

London AHP International Recruits Celebration Event

Thank You for Making the London AHP International Recruits Celebration Event a Success! We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who attended the event and our speakers for delivering informative and engaging presentations. Thank you for all your Rising Star Award nominations, and congratulations to the winner! We heard a lot of positive […]

AHP Campaign

International AHPs share their stories of working for the NHS

Proud to see this campaign go live. We are pleased to share a new promotional video produced by the AHP International Recruitment team. In the video, our overseas AHPs share their experiences of arriving in the UK and working for West London NHS Trust. The International Recruitment team plays an important role supporting new starters […]

OET Image

OET Career Round-Up: Three preparation strategies for your next interview

This is an blog by OET about preparing for a Healthcare job interview. With insights from Dean Gimblett, Head of CapitalNurse and International Recruitment for the NHS, and Rebecca Bush, OET Education expert, with additional resources from the NHS and academic research, aims to equip you with the necessary skills and confidence for your journey […]

London Food

Food & Drink in London

London is the biggest city in the UK and is the most culturally diverse offering many different foods to enjoy from around the world. One of the most famous areas in London’s West End is Chinatown offering a choice of many Chinese restaurants and fast-food outlets followed closely by Brick Lane, an area on the […]


International Retention Programme

#StayAndThrive   #StayAndThrive’s international retention programme focuses on creating the conditions where internationally educated colleagues feel a strong sense of belonging and can thrive in their personal and professional lives whilst progressing in their careers. The programme has developed a national community of action inclusive of all professions. Register now by scanning the QR code on the […]


One NHS, Many Nationalities

Taking the next step in your nursing career and working for one of the NHS Trusts in London can be both exciting and challenging. You are not alone; there are thousands of internationally trained nurses that have made their dream a reality and provide high quality care in our hospitals. You will be joining a […]

GPN Picture

What you need to know about being an AHP

Who are Allied Health Professionals? Allied Health Professions (AHPs) are the third largest workforce in the NHS. They are mainly degree level professions and are professionally independent with their practice and decision making. 13 of the 14 AHPs are regulated by the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) with Osteopaths regulated by the General Osteopathic Council […]

MH Image 2

Helpful information about the day in the life of a Mental Health Nurse

To become a registered mental health nurse in the UK, you will need to have a pre-registration general nursing qualification in your country and a minimum of 12 months experience working in a mental health setting. This article outlines helpful information on what the role entails, where mental health nurses can work, and the skills […]

Consortium Handbook 2022 Cover365

Consortium Handbook for International Recruits

This information pack is designed to prepare and assist international nurse recruits in their transition into working and living in London. It provides useful information about the NHS, the CapitalNurse Consortium, and top tips for living in London. There is a section that provides awareness on the British culture, including weather and idiomatic expressions and […]

Driving License

Can I drive in the UK with my licence?

Can I drive in the UK using my foreign licence?’ If you are asking this question then you’re in the right place! Regardless of where you are relocating from, if you hold a foreign licence you will be able to drive in the UK immediately. However, the length of validity and next steps will depend […]

Capital Nurse Thumb

What Does a General Practice Nurse Do?

Have you ever heard of the term ‘General Practice Nurse’ but not sure what their role is? If so, read below as we discuss what a General Practice Nurse does. What is a General Practice Nurse? General Practice Nurses work within General Practice (GP) surgeries and assess, screen, and treat patients of all ages. In […]

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