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To apply to work as a CapitalNurse in any one of our member trusts please apply through one of our agencies whose full details can be found on the Agencies page.

But if you have completed a recognised pre-registration nursing or midwifery qualification in your country of training and want to work in the UK as a Registered Nurse or Midwife, there are five routes open to you

In order to become a registered nurse or midwife in the UK with NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) you have to pass a test of competence that consists of two forms of assessment



Multiple-choice computer-based test. Needs to be specific to the part of the register you are applying for - Adult, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Paediatric or Midwifery.
Test Of Competence


A practical test. Needs to be specific to the part of the register you are applying for - Adult, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Paediatric or Midwifery.

Top 5 facts about joining the NMC register

There are some key facts that are helpful to know before you start your application but also help during your application period:


Your qualification doesn’t need to be specific to the field of nursing or midwifery that you are applying to – but it does need to be a nursing or midwifery qualification that has or could lead to registration as a nurse or midwife in your country of training to meet the NMC eligibility requirements


You should think about what experience you have and consider this as your field of nursing or midwifery


The test of competence is specific for the field of nursing or midwifery you apply for. It allows you to show you have the relevant knowledge and skills for this field


You will need to complete the NMC registration eligibility application


You can only use your pre-registration qualification to apply to one field of nursing, or midwifery

Career Progression

If you wish to progress your career you will need to ensure that you have registered under the correct field of nursing or midwifery for your chosen profession as it is these skills and expertise that any future employer will look for.

Complete the NMC eligibility and qualification application
Sit/pass the relevant CBT
Sit/pass the relevant OSCE
Registered in the specific speciality

Changing your field of registration once registered will only be possible by undertaking additional training called a conversion course. Which is a full time 18 month’s course which you will need to fund. It is best to get on the right part of the register at the beginning of your career.

How to change an existing Adult Nursing NMC application to a new field of nursing

The following process applies for whichever change you wish to make. The closing of an existing Nursing application can be done very quickly. It normally takes one working day for the NMC to process. The additional cost will be to retake a new CBT. Your appointing trust – if relevant – will reimburse this.

Step by step process to change the NMC nursing application to a different field

  1. Discuss your required nursing change such as Adult to Paediatric part of the NMC register with your agent and ask for support
  2. Contact Capital Nurses’ NMC representative to close the existing Adult Nursing application
  3. Re-apply as a new application under your chosen field (Mental Health or Children’s Nursing
  4. Re-pay the £140 qualification eligibility fee – this will be refunded by the NMC if your first application has not progressed beyond the evaluation stage
  5. Re-contact the CapitalNurses’ NMC representative and request refund of £140*
  6. The NMC will progress the eligibility evaluation manually, if done already in a previous Adult Nursing application
  7. Take the new CBT and pay £83 fee


*This will allow you to then take the right OSCE test – Mental Health or Paediatric and join that part of the NMC nursing register.


For further information about registering as a nurse with the NMC please click here

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