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Welcome, overseas trained nurses!

Overseas trained nurses wanting to work as Registered Nurses in the UK must register with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) UK. International general nurses usually apply for adult nursing registration, but you can also register as a children’s, learning disability or mental health nurse.

You’re also able to register as a midwife or as a specialist community public health nurse, but must demonstrate that you meet the specific NMC standards for these roles. CapitalNurse can help you with every step of the process, from the initial application to completing your NMC registration, and beyond.

Pre Arrival


When you apply to join us as a CapitalNurse, you’ll be communicated with every step of the way. Once your application is successful, we’ll send out a Welcome Pack, Letter and a copy of our Professional Development Guidebook directly to your door. You’ll benefit from Pastoral

Support from the get-go, where you’ll be offered accommodation and acclimatisation support, plus a salary advance if required.

NMC Prep

Preparing for your NMC registration

You’ll be collected from the airport, and accommodation, assistance with finances, banking and more will be offered. A Welcome Event will also be held, giving you the chance to meet and get to know your colleagues. Your Trust will offer something similar to a ‘Buddy System’, through which you’ll be paired with an existing member of the team, who can introduce you to the local area, answer any questions you might have, and support you in the first few weeks of work.


The NMC registration process

There is one process for EU/EEA registered nurses, and one process for non-EU registered nurses. Applicants must meet the following entry requirements in order to register with the NMC:

  Registered as a nurse in own country
✔  Evidence of English language proficiency
✔  Completion of 10 years of school education preceding nurse training programme
✔  Health declaration
✔  Employer references
✔  Character evidence – police clearance certificate or DBS check  in UK

For EU-registered nurses, the application cost is £110. For non-EU nurses, the cost is £1415. Each fee includes the application, a two-part test of competence and registration. In addition to the NMC cost, applicants will need to pay Visa and immigration costs.

Post NMC

Post-NMC registration

Once your NMC registration is complete, we’ll continue offering you as much pastoral support and guidance as you need. 

We’re very keen that all of our CapitalNurses receive the training and development they need to progress at all stages of their careers, and offer tailored skills development, preceptorship, an annual appraisal and revalidation post-NMC registration.

Our organisations are passionate about assisting and progressing members of staff from all cultural backgrounds, and will strive to match you with a preceptor who empathises with your personal values and ambitions.

Ready to apply?

Have you made the right decision and are ready to start your journey as a CapitalNurse in London? The way you apply to become a CapitalNurse depends upon your individual circumstances – find your route using the options below.

Are you a registered nurse and based outside the UK but looking to relocate?

Becoming a CapitalNurse in London means you’ll be looked after from the moment you arrive. Our consortium Trusts ensure you have everything you need to get your career in the UK off to a flying start.

Are you a registered nurse and based in the UK?

Are you a registered nurse already working in the UK and have one of our consortium Trusts in mind? Browse our Trust pages to find out more.

Are you an overseas qualified nurse and based in the UK but looking for help with NMC registration?

You can apply to be on the NMC Register, providing you meet its standards. Not sure whether you do? The NMC will compare the training in your country with that required in the UK. You can find out more on the link below.

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