Case Study: Philippines

Community Nursing is set up differently in the Philippines from how it is here in UK.

Community nursing care in the Philippines is mainly focused on the primary health prevention care, including but not limited to family planning, mother and child immunisations, school children immunisations, pre and post-partum check-ups, tuberculosis screening, detection and treatment, nutrition program and education, and coordination to the borough officials and other services for the health program planning and services. Most of the time patients visit their designated health centres for the above services, just like a GP surgery or clinic system in UK. Community nurses still do home visitations where nurses have to visit every targeted household to administer vaccines, medications, and vitamins as per the Department of Health Programs.

Meanwhile here in UK, community care is more focused on providing nursing care like medication administration in all forms, and wound management specific to as per patient’s condition. It somehow falls on the family support in the Philippines as though there are housebound patients, there are only few instances that a patient lives alone as there will always be someone who will take a patient to a clinic or hospital for a certain treatment so community nurses don’t mainly visit patient at home specifically for medication administration and wound management.

Despite the differences in the services offered by the Philippines and UK community nursing care, Filipino nurses are well trained in the medication administration whilst on training or university course. The training and support to overseas nurses in Whittington Trust (not sure for other Trust as I only been under Whittington since I arrived in UK) are quite enough to cover the differences and adapt the UK community care set-up.

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