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Welcome to Chelsea and Westminster Foundation trust. We are delighted that you have chosen us to commence your career path in London as part of Capital Nurse.

The Trust comprises of two sites, Chelsea and Westminster and West Middlesex University Hospital. The two hospitals formally joined forces to become one NHS Foundation Trust in September 2015. While under one management team, both hospital sites continue to provide the same clinical services as before, including full maternity, emergency and children’s services.

The Trust launched its values PROUD to patients and members of the public to demonstrate the standard of care and experience they should expect from any of our services.

These values bring together the former values of both Chelsea and Westminster and West Middlesex hospitals, form the mnemonic PROUD:

  Putting patients first
  Responsive to patients and staff
  Open and honest
  Unfailingly kind
  Determined to develop

Our staff is at the very heart of our organisation and we recognise the valuable contribution that each and every person working at the Trust makes. One of our Trust priorities is to be an employer of choice—a place where people want to start their career journey and grow with us through continued education, professional development and support.

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Chelsea and Westminster Nurses
Chelsea and Westminster nurses

The trust has a long history in international recruitment and this is reflected in our multicultural workforce. With more than 6,000 members of staff we are proud to care for a diverse population of one million people. We are committed to ensuring that our workforce is just as diverse with a strong mix of skills and abilities.

On arrival to the UK you will be greeted by one of our experienced recruitment team and housed in one of our onsite accommodation complexes or accommodation close to the hospital. We are fortunate to have over 200 room’s onsite cross site

You will be guided through our OSCE programme by our learning and development team. To date we are delighted to say we have a 100% pass rate.

Upon receiving your registration you will be placed on our preceptorship programme which is designed to help you transition to nursing in a new country by developing your confidence, clinical skills, knowledge and values. This programme last 12 months. You will undertake study days and learning Modules while being supported by your preceptor from your home ward, dedicated practice development team and ward managers.

We believe that it is through our investments in staff through support, encouragement and   learning opportunities that we will help shape the culture of the organisation and build the workforce of the future. We strive to ensure we have a competent happy workforce who maintains high standards of patient safety and experience.

I feel blessed to have finally found a workplace that I love. I am still growing and learning and improving new nursing skills every day thanks to our mentors in the ClinicaI Skills Department and to all senior staff in Recovery Ward… I am thankful that I have made so many new friends along the way and some have become my 2nd family.
Air Caballes
Air Caballes
Recovery Nurse
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
We always hear or read the words “work-family”, “team” or “being looked after” in peoples jobs, but nothing could be more true than working for Westmiddlesex University Hospital. Looking back on my UK RN professional journey until today, the trust has always been supportive in every step of the way. I have had the opportunity to grow my professional knowledge and skills through university courses and clinical learning programs supported and provided by the trust.  I have found professional people in my department who have been able to blend a good working environment, excellent work ethics and maintain a high standard in the health care services. The Trust embraces the diversity of each employee and they are treated equally.
CWH NSH nurse
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
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