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Helping local people live longer, healthier lives

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Helping local people live longer, healthier lives

Whittington NHS Health Trust is an integrated care organisation which aims to help local people live longer, healthier lives by providing safe, personal, coordinated care for the community we serve. Our priority is to provide the right care at the right time and in the right place for our patients.

We have an excellent reputation for being innovative, responsive and flexible to the changing clinical needs of the local population. We are treating more patients than ever before and are dedicated to improving services to deliver the best for our patients, whether we see them in our hospital, out in our sites across North London or in their own homes.

Children’s Nursing

Local Area & Community

You have chosen a career that has caring at its heart. To do your job safely with satisfaction and pride you need support, encouragement and training from your colleagues. To help you provide safe, personal, coordinated care for the community we serve, our leadership teams guide you through your day-to-day work and your professional milestones. They give you excellent advice, a shoulder to lean on, support during challenges, advice on training and space to study. They believe in caring for you so that you can deliver effective healthcare to our patients and public. Whittington Health, a small and caring Trust, is known for its friendliness and for the approachability of staff, no matter what their level.

When you join us, we endeavour to ensure you are working competently at your level so that along with your team you help us deliver the highest standards of care. We believe that everybody should exemplify good leadership in whatever role they are in and, as you grow in confidence and experience, we’ll take you to the next step. If you aspire to leading a team we offer solid training, excellent on-the-job development and many leadership courses tailored to your and our Trust’s needs.

Pastoral & Professional Support

Whittington Health NHS Trust provides dedicated pastoral support for all staff. Our overseas nursing recruits are provided with accommodation, a welcome food/kitchen pack and bedding and are met on the day and helped to get settled in. We will help you with things like bank accounts, collecting your Biometric Residence Permit and getting to know the local area and the Trust. We will help with any issues that arise no matter how small and we will make sure that concerns or worries are identified and acted upon quickly. Your initial few weeks will be settling in, induction and OSCE training – leading to your OSCE exam, after which your development and support continues!

Preceptorship Mark

Preceptorship Quality Mark Award for Whittington Health

International nurses who have successfully joined the NMC register are eligible for our Preceptorship programme. We are proud to have been granted the CapitalNurse Preceptorship Quality Mark Award for our 12-month programme. The programme will help you strengthen your clinical skills and your confidence. Your Preceptor oversees your development and gives you personalised support in clinical and practical areas. The Trust supports development through study days, clinical skills training and simulation training, arming you with all the specific knowledge you need to further your career.

I was self-motivated and determined and Whittington Health has given me the opportunity to do a public health course full-time for a year. I’m a Band 7 nurse now and work in a close team of people who look after 57 Islington schools.
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Becky Muhima
Specialist Community Public Health Nurse
Whittington Health NHS Trust
At Whittington Health there are many opportunities to develop my career and in a few years, I would like to pursue teaching. I’d like to stay on here as the Trust is integrated into the community. I am blessed that I have seniors and mentors who are very supportive and reachable
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Joyette Wenceslao
Newly Registered Band 5 Overseas Nurse
Whittington Health NHS Trust
We are pleased to be part of CapitalNurse International Recruitment and as an early adopter, we are very excited to move forward with this pan London Consortium, recruiting excellent international nurses for London.
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Whittington Health NHS Trust
Nurse Recruitment Team
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